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Contractors wishing to join the LCA must submit three examples of their work to be assessed by a nominated LCA vetting officer, normally a member of Council. The design and application skills viewed on site will be graded and a subsequent recommendation made to the Chairman of the Vetting Committee, who will then report to Council. Regardless of grade, all LCA members are fully compliant with BS6915.
Excellent –  The applicant was able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of leadwork design and an application skill in a complex or demanding technical situation in order to maximise the integrity and durability of the material. An applicant receiving an ‘Excellent’ grade will not require further vetting for three years.
Good – Not only was the work viewed to an acceptable standard but the applicant was able to demonstrate a degree of additional care and attention to detail which exceeded the minimum requirement. An applicant receiving a “Good” grade will not need to be vetted again for two years.
Satisfactory – The applicant has demonstrated a level of skill and knowledge to an acceptable standard, but a further vetting will be required during the following year.

There is also an F (Fail) whereby the applicant has failed to demonstrate the required standard of knowledge or skill and will not be accepted as a member.Becoming accepted as an LCA member though is not the end of the assessment programme, as all LCA members must continue to regularly submit their work as part of an annual vetting programme.

Directed by the Chairman of the Vetting Committee, Council members voluntarily conduct assessments of members’ work, the frequency being determined by the previous vetting grade achieved. Existing members continue to be graded the same way as new applicants.

Any member that cannot maintain the minimum standard and subsequently “fails” their vet is ultimately required to withdraw from membership.

The vetting programme cannot be avoided, as any member unable to provide appropriate examples of their workmanship for vetting is not allowed to feature in the annual directory, which is the main promotional opportunity for members. (click here to get your copy)

All vetting grades now appear alongside the details of each member in the LCA Directory of Specialist Leadwork Contractors, which is distributed free to architects, surveyors, specifiers, main contractors and clients.

Any member continually unable to provide appropriate examples of their workmanship is ultimately required to withdraw from the Association

Ungraded – Please note: It is compulsory for LCA members to attend one of the technical seminars held each year to ensure they remain up to date. Members that do not attend these Continuing Professional Development events are penalised by having their vetting grades reduced. Those already on the minimum grade are reclassified as “Ungraded”.

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